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We are committed to providing a fair and highly transparent trading environment.

  • Use of internationally recognized MT4 platform

    Use of internationally recognized MT4 platform

    Our company uses MT4—the most widely used platform in the world—as our trading platform. You can check your trading status anytime on your PC or smartphone.

  • Leverage up to 1:1000

    Leverage up to 1:1000

    The maximum leverage we offer is 1:1000. We cater to a variety of user needs from low-risk to high-risk trading.

  • No dealing desk

    No dealing desk

    At our company, all orders received from our users are placed after a transaction fee is added to them. Users will not incur any trading disadvantages such as the rejection of order placement, as we do not carry out any internal handling of orders, swapping of transactions, or participate in any price manipulation practices.

  • Zero-cut guarantee without additional margin

    “Zero-cut” guarantee without additional margin

    Even in irregular market situations such as a transaction overload in the market that results in the failure to close orders, there will be no additional margin and your funds will not fall below zero.

Customer service

We will respond to all inquiries promptly via email. Support in various languages other than English is also available.